What is the payment schedule?

We require 25% of the total amount to confirm the booking, another 50% before your first major event and the balance on Final Delivery. Part Delivery is only possible after full payment.

How long do you take to design the album and edit our films?

We give you compressed raw pictures, within 7-10 days of your event. If you select the pictures for your albums within 15 days of receiving them, we can get everything ready within the next 3-6 weeks.

Can we get the videos before selecting the pictures?

You may collect the videos after clearing all of the balance payments.

Do we get all of the high-res photos?

You may collect all the high-res photos at the time of final delivery. For that, you will need to give us your HDD.

What kind of cameras do you have?

Mostly, we use Canon’s full frame cameras for photography & Sony Alpha series for cinematography, with a wide range of lenses. Though, you must understand that a camera never makes a picture by itself. It needs to be in good hands and that is all what counts.

Can we have or see all of the unedited photos/videos you took at our wedding?

This is subject to company’s discretion. We may/may not release all the raw photos/footage.

Can we give you a list of shots we would like to have?

We welcome a few ideas for inspiration but overall, we would prefer not to work from a list. Let us explain you why. Giving us a long checklist will only slow us down and we might end up missing some real good wedding moments, whilst ticking off the pictures you’ve been told by some random blog that you NEED.

Can you shoot a wedding from both the Bride's and the Groom's side?

 Definitely! Shooting from both the sides is highly recommended, as it helps you save tons of money and results in better pictures/videos as we get the creative freedom we look for, without any disturbance from another team.

Do you shoot only in Delhi?

We shoot everywhere, all over the world.