Why choose us?

  • We are flexible, skilled and fuss-free. Our team is equipped to accommodate your photography Wishlist – Candid Photography, traditional photography, Pre-wedding, Cinematography, Aerial Photography, etc.
  • As Indian weddings are chaotic, grand and filled with dozens of ceremonies, it is humanly impossible to experience all moments as they are happening. So, we do the job for you. We will capture your wedding for you so that you can see it later and experience your day all over again.
  • We like colors, laughter, emotions, and people. Also, we absolutely love good photos. Our effort is to bring the two together constantly.
  • We are evolving, moving and continuously learning because we know you would like nothing but the best. We harbor no presumptions/assumptions of being β€˜THE’ best in India or the world, but we try to be the BEST for your wedding!
  • We accommodate all budgets – whether your wedding is a 50 people private affair or a 2000 people extravaganza or a 200 people wedding party. We understand your needs and requirements.
  • Wedding is important. We know that and we will not mess up your important day. Your trust matters to us.